We understand the security of your family is your first priority. At Terrace Locksmiths, we offer a wide range of residential security and locksmith services to help keep your home well protected.


Discovering your house key has gone missing, or is locked inside your house, makes even the calmest person break out in a sweat. Don’t panic – simply pick up the phone and call Terrace Locksmiths. We will respond quickly at all times of the day or night, thanks to our 24/7 lock-out service.


If your keys have gone missing, it is always advisable to have the locks on your home replaced. It’s also recommended to have damaged locks replaced as soon as possible to ensure their integrity is not compromised. The last thing you want to deal with following a break-in is being told your insurance company won’t cover your contents due to a faulty lock. Keep your home secure at all times with the help of Terrace Locksmiths.


Need a few extra keys for your front door? Sick of trying to co-ordinate arrivals so someone is home to let the kids in? Terrace Locksmiths offer affordable key-cutting for all residential needs, from sliding glass locks to knobsets and deadbolts. We have a range of blank keys that can be cut to suit your locks.


Sick of always fumbling to find the right key? Terrace Locksmiths can co-ordinate the locks for your home, giving you one key for the garage and front door. We can supply and install all the lockware, and we have access to a wide range of reputable brands. Our Port Stephens locksmiths can also replace damaged garage remotes and reprogram remotes when necessary.


Simplify and enhance your home’s security with electronic entry options from your local Port Stephens residential locksmiths. At Terrace Locksmiths, we can help you choose the most effective electronic lock and keypad system for your home. An electronic keypad system allows you to unlock external doors using a pin-code or access card. We can also install automated systems that work with your smartphone.


When you need the help of Terrace Locksmiths to access your home, we are careful to minimise damage where possible, keeping locks intact. Where we can avoid having to replace the lock (providing the keys have not been lost), we will do so. Our locksmiths will also take care not to damage your door frame.


In addition to the wide range of residential locks and deadbolts we have available, Terrace Locksmiths can assist you with complete home security systems. We can supply and install CCTV systems, intercoms, security alarms, security doors and safes. Contact us to arrange a residential security survey.


Terrace Locksmiths can improve the security of your front door with our range of pick-proof cylinder deadbolts. These locking systems are cost-effective and offer superior resistance when it comes to lock bumping.


Monitor your residential property from your smartphone! Terrace Locksmiths can customise a surveillance system that monitors the perimeter and access points of your home. This system can be set-up to send notifications to your smartphone should an intruder be detected through surveillance.


Match the locks of your screen or sliding doors with your main door key. Terrace Locksmiths can create a master key system that simplifies entry to your home for keyholders. We can also install after-market deadbolts to increase the security of your sliding doors and deter intruders.

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